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Omnichannel Marketing

Evoking Emotions


We started life as an integrated marketing company with an unbiased perspective of all
marketing platforms. Whether the solution includes owned media, paid media, video or
influencer marketing, we’ve had successful executions for best-in-class brands. We study
results data, and we use our learnings and insights to optimize the mix for better results.

Evoking emotion is what connects people and brands. In any category, the right message
strategy will resonate at an emotional level if it’s executed well. We at SGW combine
audience insights and audience data to drive our creative and message strategies. We’re
happy with the results and happy to say that our clients are too. Our repeat engagement is
more than 95%.

SGW is proud of our client partnerships, and we’re proud to say that in good, and not so
good times, our clients have relied on us to help meet some of their most important challenges. Whether developing a pandemic strategy or simply promoting an event, we own whatever we need to in order to help you succeed.